Welcome to my “hidden in plain sight” blog for working through my co-dependency issues. I write a different blog that was originally intended to be about my need to “recover” from a number of things, including depression, anxiety, binge eating, and so on. However, it got as befuddled as I have been. I started this blog originally because I had blurred boundaries and invited the very people I needed to be emotionally & psychologically “safe” from, to view that blog. Now, I’m back for similar reasons.

Why do this in an open blog if you don’t want people to read it?

The truth is, I don’t object to people reading it. Part of working through the the recovery process is for me to be honest and accountable to others on the journey. Sharing one’s experience, strength, and hope with others who are also suffering is a critical part of recovery.

I want to be open to constructive feedback from others and I need to practice boundary setting. The writing I’ve done and the support of fellow bloggers that I have connected to around my primary blog have been wonderful and truly instrumental in the growth and healing I’ve been experiencing. Since I am unable to attend meetings for a number of reasons, developing this blog is a good way to engage in community centered around this issue I want to focus on healing and recovering from.

What will make this blog different from the other?

In my other blog I do a lot of narrating and detailing the other people in my life and the day to day situations that may trigger my emotions and reactions. It is quite scattered and inconsistent and not as anonymous as I had originally intended it to be. It has become a catch-all and quite diffused because it contains and addresses the multitude of ailments, illnesses, and life challenges I have faced throughout my life and that I face currently.

In this blog, I may not necessarily stick to the co-dependent issues, but I will focus on working through recovery processes and issues with any triggering situation, instead of focusing on the people or events that tripped the trigger.

How do you deal with the Higher Power?

I am a Christian, but I tend to be a heretical one and my understanding of who Jesus is is still evolving. Therefore, I most frequently refer to my Higher Power as God and not Jesus. I do not expect others to identify with the same title for their Higher Power as I have for mine. This means that anyone who reads through this blog can feel free to “substitute” their title or name for their Higher Power whenever they come across mine. The specifics of my belief system aren’t as important as how I address my recovery issues.

So, please do not be put off by the fact that my spiritual belief system may differ from yours. It does not mean we cannot journey together, learn from each other, or share our experience, strength and hope.


Constructive comments and feedback appreciated and welcomed.

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