Absent but not gone

Feeling a tad frustrated that I have not been able to post here as consistently and often as was my intention when I began. It is still my intention, however there are some life circumstances that are interfering.

First and foremost is technological difficulties intermingled with physical and mental symptoms of my health conditions.

The only computer I have at home is a laptop. This laptop has been through life a bit roughly and doesn’t have the stamina and resilience that I do. At least the functionality of certain keys has ceased. Do yo  hav  any  d a ho   ss nt al th s  k ys a  ?: w, e, r, u, and i are fairly necessary to the task of creating a blog post.

Considering that this is a secondary blog to the one I have been working on for almost a year now, and that the scope of this blog is intended to be much more specific and ordered than the primary one, not being able to utilize an actual computer quite problematic for me. There is also the fact that in order for me to know the things I am to focus on here, I first have to do my stream of consciousness blogging at the other location.

There is an on-screen adaptive technology keyboard I can use on the computer and I have my little phone that has the mobile app I could use, but honestly, the level of frustration at the glitchiness and slowness of using these to do more than one blog post a day is way too much for me to cope with.

I will try to get to a public access computer on a more regular basis and not get all sidetracked by the shiny newness of the blogosphere and catching up on favorite blogs and hopping over to new ones.

Just know that even though I might not be posting much, I’m still working the steps and moving through my process.



Constructive comments and feedback appreciated and welcomed.

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